Nina Shaafi Kabiri M.S.

NinaNina Shaafi Kabiri is a Research Fellow in the department of Anatomy and Neurobiology at Boston University Medical School. Prior to joining BU, she worked as a Psycho-vocational/educational evaluator at a rehabilitation center.

Ms. Shaafi Kabiri lectures for and teaches in four Healthcare Emergency Management (HEM) program courses: Experimental Design and Statistics; Biology, Chemistry and Physics of Natural and Man-made hazards; Psychology and Sociology of Disasters and Methods of Risk Communication; and Principles, Methods, and Practices of Modeling and Simulation. In addition, she is a member of the Laboratory in Behavioral and Societal Neurodynamics and provides support to the Cognitive Neuroscience GMS AN 811 Cognitive Neuroscience course.

She graduated from York University in Toronto with honors with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Psychology (double major). She holds a Masters Degree from Boston University in Healthcare Emergency Management (HEM). Ms. Shaafi Kabiri is currently taking course work towards her PhD in Behavioral Neuroscience.