Exercises 2012-2013

Operation Gentle Voice LA

Operation Gentle Voice LA is a continuation in the language interpretation exercise series that began in July in Washington DC. BU HEM students role-played citizens seeking a flu vaccine where English is there second language, some the languages spoken were Mandarin, French, Spanish and Creole.

Operation MOM

Operation MOM was a collaborative effort joined by Mayor Alex Morse and the Local Emergency Planning Committee, Holyoke Medical Hospital representatives, a team of Holyoke emergency responders, and BU HEM program graduate students, the exercise focused on “Managing Our Message” (M.O.M) during an emergency crisis by utilizing social media tools through Twitter, Facebook, and Gmail.

Operation Mega Mess

Operation MegaMess was a mass casualty bus accident that tested the interoperability of public safety resources, surge capacity and decontamination at Harrington Hospital and coordination of statewide ambulances task forces.