Operation Sturdy Wings

LA County Emergency Medical Services Authority, January 11, 2012

Sponsored by: LA County EMSA, Presbyterian Intercommunity Hospital, and BU HEM Program

This tabletop exercise tested the capability of the hospitals in Los Angeles County, California, to handle the sudden death of a hospital staff member. The exercise was completed twice in Los Angeles County at Presbyterian Intercommunity Hospital, and enabled the functional use of the Employee Health Branch in the Hospital Incident Command System, which is being reviewed by the California Emergency Medical Services Authority for inclusion in the 2012 Hospital Incident Command System (HICS) revision. Exercise attendees comprised staff from several Los Angeles County hospitals whose jobs require direct involvement in employee health and recovery. There were 28 participants in the exercise, including Sandra Shields, Disaster Mental Health Coordinator for the Los Angeles County Emergency Medical Services Authority.  Post-exercise, participants reflected on the many lessons learned, and made plans to apply this new knowledge to the continued work on this vital project, developed initially in the Boston University Healthcare Emergency Management Program.

Sturdy Wings LA Sturdy Wings LA 2