Exercises 2011-2012

Operation Edison.com

Operation Edison.com is an exercise designed and conducted for the Local Emergency Planning Committee in the City of Holyoke, Massachusetts. The object of the exercise was to develop protocols among the various public and private sector utility companies in the case of a cyber attack.

Operation Curious George

Operation Curious George is an exercise designed to implement protocols for sheltering animals in the event of a power outage.

Operation Silent Angels

Operation Silent Angels is a HSEEP Drill involving the evacuation of two infantsimulators from the Level III NICU to special operations vehicles from Boston EMS.

Operation Yawkey

Operation Yawkey tested the continuity of operations and logistics coordination of Boston Medical Center and several neighborhood health clinics.

Operation Sturdy Wings

Operation Sturdy Wings is a table top exercise designed to test the capability of hospitals in LA County, California to handle the sudden death of a hospital staff member. This exercise examined the functional use of the Employee Health Branch in the Hospital Incident Command System, under review by California Emergency Medical Services Authority.

Operation TeleHEM

Operation TeleHEM was functional exercise requiring students to conduct two of their class sessions from remote locations, without the benefit of the regular virtual classroom technologies or access to the physical classroom.

Operation Dirty Water

Operation Dirty Water was a tabletop exercise testing the capability of the Massachusetts water Resource Authority to respond to a water distribution emergency in the City of Chelsea.