Community Service

Healthcare Emergency Managers work to meet the public health and medical needs of those affected by disaster and resolve the impacts that they impose. Crises include significant natural disaster or man-made event that overwhelms the affected region would necessitate both Federal public health and medical care assistance. Hospitals, nursing homes, ambulatory care centers, pharmacies, and other facilities for medical/health care and special needs populations may be severely structurally damaged or destroyed at worst or simply overwhelmed by volume at best.

The Healthcare Emergency Management Program coordinates opportunities for field-based student activities in the community to investigate:

  • How and why specific public health and medical emergency preparedness protocols are developed
  • The identification of current threats and vulnerabilities
  • The analysis of strengths and weaknesses in public health and healthcare infrastructure
  • The development and execution of real-world simulations and exercise drills

The faculty and students from the Healthcare Emergency Management Program have participated in a variety of exercises and drills both locally and nationally. Explore the exercises section to see the types of experiences our students are able to build upon.