HEM 2 Year Track

Course Description Cr
Fall Semester
GMS BC600 Physics of Natural and Man-made Hazard 3
GMS BC610 Medical Consequences of Natural and Man-made Hazards 3
Spring Semester
GMS BC630 Ethical & Policy Issues in Health and Medical Services Emergency Management 3
GMS BC650 Community Health and Emergency Management 3
Summer Semester I & II
GMS BC 692 Directed Studies 2
GMS BC971 Research Practicum & Thesis:Designing Crisis Management Research I 2
GMS BC640 Experimental Design and Statistics 2
First year Total 18
Fall Semester
GMS BC700 The Disaster Life Cycle 3
GMS BC710 Methods and Practices of Incident Command 3
Spring Semester
GMS BC620 Psychology and Sociology of Disasters and Methods of Risk Communication 3
GMS BC730 Principles, Methods, and Practices of Modeling and Simulation 3
Summer Semester I & II
GMS BC972 Research Practicum & Thesis: Conducting Crisis Management Research 2
GMS BC 692 Directed Studies (could be interns at a hospital) 4

Second year Total 18 Credit Hours

GRAND TOTAL 36 Credit Hours