• Title Research Assistant Professor
  • Education PhD: University of Turin
    Postdoctoral training: Univ of California San Diego
  • Office K6
  • Web Address http://blogs.bu.edu/vperissi
  • Phone 617-358-4563
  • Area of Interest Transcription, Mitochondria and Metabolism

The focus of my research has always been on transcriptional regulation with a particular emphasis on the impact of cell signaling and post-transcriptional modification on global gene expression and chromatin remodeling.

Recently I have been interested in the role of mitochondria in the activation and regulation of the adipose tissue microenvironment in both physiological condition and metabolic disease progression. In particular, I am investigating the correlation between mitochondrial dysfunction and mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) instability with the regulation of the immune response and the metabolic reprogramming during cellular stress and aging.

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