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All telephone extensions are available by direct dial at 617-63x-xxxx

Last Name First Name Lab Phone Email
Lentucci Claudia Perissi 8-4116
Singh Maneet Kandror 8-5068
Hennis Meghan Harris 8-4117
Yang Xiaoqing Kandror 8-5068
Glaskin Rebecca Costello 4-8230
Ding Shiying Pilch 8-4045
Peschechera Alessandro Pilch 8-4045
McDonald Alex Harris 8-4117
Cardamone M. Dafne Perissi 8-4116
Wang Dahai Layne 8-5926
Leymarie Nancy Zaia 8-6762
Heeres James Harris 8-4117
Imberdis Thibaut Harris 8-4117
Leyme Anthony Garcia-Marcos 8-4037
Mendoza Vanessa Zaia 8-6762
Jiang Yan Costello 8-8230
Shi Xiaofeng Zaia 4-6762
Theberge Roger Costello 4-8230
Wang Hong Farmer 8-4268
Wang Qi Costello 8-8230
Wilson Jamie Polgar 8-4717
Francoleon Deborah Costello 8-6760
de la Cueva Ana Kirsch 8-6760
Zaarur Nava Sherman 8-5973
Huang Yu Zaia 8-6762
Zeldich Ella Abraham 8-4315
Marivin Arthur Garcia-Marcos 8-4037

Visit the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs website at the Division of Graduate Medical Sciences for information about the postdoctoral experience at the BU Medical Campus.