Graduate Education

GMS180170We are committed to the education of graduate, medical, and dental students in areas of Biochemistry, Cell Biology, and Genomics. The emphasis of our graduate program is on comprehensive research training in our faculty members’ laboratories. Prospective students can apply to our interdisciplinary umbrella program called Program in Biomedical Sciences administered through Graduate Medical Sciences.

The Department of Biochemistry offers Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and a combined Doctor of Medicine degree with a PhD (MD/PhD).  Students applying for acceptance into the PhD program will now apply directly to the new PiBS program and then, if the student chooses a research mentor within the Department of Biochemistry, he/she will join the department’s PhD program.

Graduate training combines integrated coursework in biochemistry, cell biology, molecular biology, genetics, and genomics with extensive research training in the areas of DevelopmentCell biologyGenomicsNeuroscienceMetabolism, and Proteomics & Glycomics.

We use cutting-edge technologies and experimental systems to address the cellular and molecular mechanisms of biological processes, particularly those that relate broadly to human disease. Students may take advantage of the full breadth of training in modern biochemistry offered in the department through their choice of elective courses, medical school-wide seminars, and research.