Ministry of Health

Armenia’s Minister of Health, Dr. Norayr Davidyan, has requested that the partnership sponsor Dr. Karine Budagova for post-graduate training. Dr. Aram Chobanian, Boston University President ad Interim and partnership leader, directed the partnership to devise a program based at the School of Medicine in which three Boston University schools take part, BUSM (Department of Family Medicine), the School of Public Health (International Health), and the Graduate School of Management (Health Care Management). The specially-designed training allows Dr. Budagova to gain skills necessary for her work (and the Ministry’s vision) of setting up a system of care for those in the Republic of Armenia who cannot afford to pay for health care.

Ms Budaghova will be studying issues in health care, finance, management, urban care, and family medicine from September 1st through December 28th, 2004. She is sponsored by the Boston University/Armenia Partnership Program.

Primary teaching affiliate
of BU School of Medicine