Postdoctoral Opportunities

postdocsThe research laboratories in our department are host to postdoctoral trainees from around the world

Resources for Postdoctoral Associates

Boston University Office of Postdoctoral Affairs– The Top PhD Research on the Web

Background of Postdoctoral Trainees

Some of our postdoctoral trainees come directly from graduate programs in which they earned the Ph.D., M.D. or combined degree. Others come from the neuropharmaceutical industry, or the clinical realm. All of them have chosen our department on the basis of the strength of the host laboratory, and the interactions that are available between members of different research groups.

Activities of our Postdoctoral Trainees

In addition to their research efforts in their host laboratories, some of our postdoctoral trainees have been involved in teaching medical students, co-directing courses for graduate students.

Life after Postdoctoral Training

Our postdoctoral trainees have gone on to found their own laboratories here and abroad at academic institutions, hospitals, and industrial settings. Several former trainees have risen through the ranks at our own institution to become senior faculty members.

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