Advanced Departmental Seminar Courses and Electives

Advanced Courses are high level small group courses that investigate the cutting edge of a specific topic. Such a course should be highly intensive and rely on primary literature. The Department currently offers 9 advanced courses every one or two years (see below). Students may substitute courses in other departments for advanced courses, but must petition the GEC prior to signing up for the course. The petition should include the syllabus and schedule for the proposed course. Students may also pursue two other options:

(1) Students may choose to have two (2) directed departmental journal clubs serve to take the place of one 2 credit advanced course. Students must arrange this situation with the instructors and the GEC Chairman ahead of time, and a grade will be given.

(2) Students may petition a faculty member to hold a directed study in a particular topic. The faculty member should consult the Chairman of the GEC for general guidelines. The syllabus should be submitted and approved prior to the course being offered.

Advanced Clinical Anatomy 2cr GMS AN 708
Autism: Clinical and Neuroscience Perspectives 2cr GMS AN 713
Neural Development and Plasticity 2cr GMS AN 709
Neurobiology of Aging 2cr GMS AN 707
Neurobiology of the Visual System 2cr GMS AN 807
Vesalius Module Teaching Practicum I 2-3cr GMS AN 805
Methods of Functional Imaging of the Brain 2cr GMS IM 630
Introduction to the Neurobiology of Education 2cr GMS AN 720
Molecular Basis of Neurological Diseases 2cr GMS MS 783

The following Departmental courses may NOT be used to fulfill the Advanced Departmental Course requirement; however, they may be taken in partial fulfillment of elective credits.

Teaching in the Biomedical Sciences 2cr GMS AN 806
Vesalius Module Teaching Practicum II 2-3cr GMS AN 805
Forensic Pathology 3cr GMS FS 712
Forensic Anthropology 2cr GMS FS 705
MRI Principles, Methods and Application to Biomedical Research 4cr GMS IM 610
Introduction to Interdisciplinary Systems Science: Dynamic Modeling 2cr GMS AN 820
Bioimaging Foundations 4cr GMS IM 600
Neuroanatomical Techniques 4cr GMS AN 718
Systems Neurobiology 4cr GMS AN 810
Cognitive Neuroscience 4cr GMS AN 811
Medical Histology 6cr GMS AN 700/700S
Medical Gross Anatomy 8cr GMS AN 701/501S