Research Labs

Links to the research laboratories in the Department of Anatomy are listed below with the name of the Principal Investigator in parentheses. Click on the name of each lab to go to the pages that will provide details about research activities, the members of the lab, methodology, publications, and contact information.

Bio-imaging Informatics Lab (Koo Lab)

Brain Health Research Lab/Neuropsychology Group at the Framingham Heart Study (Au Lab)

Brain Plasticity and Neuroimaging (Schon Lab)

Cellular Biology of the Basal Ganglia (Soghomonian Lab)

Cellular Neurobiology (Luebke Lab)

Center for Biomedical Imaging (Killiany Lab)

Cognitive Neurobiology (Rosene, Moore, Mortazavi Lab)

Cortical Organization and Ultrastructure (Rockland Lab)

Human Neurobiology (Thomas Lab)

Translational Anatomy of Degenerative Diseases and Developmental Disorders (Wisco Lab)

Neural Circuits and Microstructures (Medalla Lab)

Neural Development and Intellectual Disorders (Haydar Lab)

Neuropsychology (Oscar-Berman Lab)