Kathy Rockland, Ph.D.


Research Professor

Phone: 617 638-4142
Email: krock@bu.edu
Location: R1011

Lab: Laboratory Webpage

CV: Kathleen Rockland, Ph.D.– CV

Other positions:

Visiting Professor, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Associate Editor, Journal of Comparative Neurology
Associate Editor, Frontiers in Neuroanatomy

Loop Profile in Frontiers

Dr. Rockland received her doctorate at Boston University School of Medicine (1979), working on feedforward and feedback cortical connections with Dr. Deepak Pandya. She completed postdoctoral studies on patchy horizontal intrinsic collaterals with Jennifer Lund at the Medical University of South Carolina, and began an independent laboratory in 1983 at the E.K. Shriver Center (Waltham, MA), continuing to work on cortical connectivity in non-human primates. In 1988 she joined the Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology at BUSM as an assistant professor, before moving in 1991 to the Department of Neurology at the University of Iowa. A collaboration with Keiji Tanaka (Brain Science Institute at RIKEN, Wako, Japan) led to an invitation to join BSI as lab head, where she established the Lab for Cortical Organization and Systematics (2000). After taking sabbatical leave from BSI at Tonegawa Lab (MIT), she returned to the Dept. of Anatomy and Neurobiology in 2012, where she has started a new lab, partly focused on microstructure of human postmortem cortex.

Recent Publications

Kurotani T, Miyashita T, Wintzer M, Konishi T, Sakai K, Ichinohe N, Rockland KS. (2013) Pyramidal neurons in the superficial layers of rat retrosplenial cortex exhibit a late-spiking firing property.  Brain Struct Funct. 218(1):239-54.

Watakabe A, Hirokawa J, Ichinohe N, Ohsawa S, Kaneko T, Rockland KS, Yamamori T.  (2012) Area-specific substratification of deep layer neurons in the rat cortex. J Comp Neurol. 520(16):3553-73.

Borra E, Rockland KS. (2011) Projections to early visual areas v1 and v2 in the calcarine fissure from parietal association areas in the macaque. Front Neuroanat. 5:35

Rockland KS.(2010) Five points on columns.  Front Neuroanat.  4:22.

Ichinohe N, Matsushita A, Ohta K, Rockland KS.(2010) Pathway-specific utilization of synaptic zinc in the macaque ventral visual cortical areas. Cereb Cortex. 20(12):2818-31

Borra E, Ichinohe N, Sato T, Tanifuji M, Rockland KS. (2010) Cortical connections to area TE in monkey: hybrid modular and distributed organization. Cereb Cortex.  20(2):257-70.

Ichinohe N, Hayashi M, Wakabayashi K, Rockland KS.(2009) Distribution and progression of amyloid-beta deposits in the amygdala of the aged macaque monkey, and parallels with zinc distribution. Neuroscience. 159(4):1374-83.

Ichinohe N, Hyde J, Matsushita A, Ohta K, Rockland KS.(2008) Confocal mapping of cortical inputs onto identified pyramidal neurons. Front Biosci. 13:6354-73.

Miyashita T, Ichinohe N, Rockland KS.(2007) Differential modes of termination of amygdalothalamic and amygdalocortical projections in the monkey.  J Comp Neurol.  502(2):309-24.

Imura K, Rockland KS.(2006) Long-range interneurons within the medial pulvinar nucleus of macaque monkeys.  J Comp Neurol.  498(5):649-66.