Anatomy Track

In addition to a dissertation research project, this doctoral program emphasizes formal training and mentored practical experience in teaching as part of our Vesalius Program.This program is designed to emphasize instruction and training in the subjects and skills needed by future faculty members who expect teaching to be a major component of their career.

Students are expected to complete 6 credits from the Basic Department Required courses, 24-26 credits from the Core Track Required courses and 32-34 credits from Electives or Research.

Basic Departmental Required Courses (10 credits):

Experimental Design and Statistical Method/ Elementary Biostatistics 2cr GMS AN 704, GMS MS 700
Current Topics in Neuroanatomical & Neurobiological Sciences 2cr GMS AN 801/802
Professional Skills for Students in the Biomedical Sciences 2cr GMS AN 715
Vesalius Module Teaching Practicum 2cr GMS AN 805
Teaching in the Biomedical Sciences 2cr GMS AN 806

Core Track Required Courses (24 – 26 credits):

Students are required to take the following courses:

Medical Histology/Microscopic Anatomy 6cr GMS AN 700/MS 123
Gross Anatomy 8cr GMS AN 701 / MS 122
Medical Neuroscience 4cr GMS AN 703

Students are required to take one of the following three courses / course groups:

Fundamentals of Cell & Molecular Biology 4cr GMS AN 777
Molecular Biology 4cr GMS BI 782
Biochemistry A and B 4cr each
GMS BI 755 and 756

Advanced Departmental Seminar Courses/ Electives:

Students in the Anatomy track are not required to take advanced departmental seminar courses; however, any advanced departmental course may be taken in partial fulfillment of the 32 required electives/research credits.