Role of Advisor At-Large

Each At-Large will work in tandem with one Academy Advisor and his/her advisees and serve as a invaluable professional resource for all students in the Academies of Advisors.   At-Larges will be invited to Academy events throughout the year and are encouraged to attend.


As an Advisor At-Large, you will be expected to:

·         Attend two (2) meal s per academic year, hosted by the Academy Advisor for his/her advisees, and to interact with students in a non-academic atmosphere;

·         Be available to meet individually with any students who have an interest in your area of specialty;

·         Maintain confidentiality at all times and work to develop an atmosphere of trust with students (NOTE: The content of any meeting is not reported to the BUSM administration unless there is a serious concern regarding the student’s well-being or safety, the safety of others, or if the student gives permission