Role of Field-Specific Advisor

Field-Specific Advisors (FSA) are an important part of the 3rd and 4th year BUSM student’s medical education.  FSAs are responsible for helping mentor and guide them toward residency and are meant to serve as a supplement to the student’s Academy Advisor.


Students are asked to select a FSA at the beginning of their 3rd year, during their class meeting.  They fill out the Request Form which is submitted to the Academies Coordinator, who then assigns the student.  Students can only have one FSA at a time but are able to change their FSA at any time. 


A  Field-Specific Advisor should:

·         Be very well informed about their field, understand the demands of residency training programs, and know the caliber of the various programs around the country

·         Meet regularly with their advisees and assist the student with selecting and approving their 3rd and/or 4th year schedules

·         Assist the student with the selection of audition electives in their anticipated field of study, if appropriate

·         Help the student realistically assess their own competitiveness within their prospective specialty

·         Help the student choose the most appropriate residencies based on the student’s personal profile, board scores, academic performance, etc.