Role of Academy Advisor

A total time commitment of approximately 30-40 hours per year is required for each Academy Advisor. Each Academy Advisor is assigned two Advisors At-Large, with whom they will work throughout the year. Academy Advisors are encouraged to invite At-Larges to their meals and to any group or individual meetings they might have with their advisees.

Students are assigned to Academy Advisors in the summer/fall of each academy year. Each advisor can expect to be assigned 4 or 5 incoming first year students every year. (this number may vary from year to year depending on the size of the first year class). Advisors will continue to keep in contact with all their advisees, but a majority of the advisor’s time will be devoted to first and second-year students.

Third- and fourth-year students will be assigned a Field Specific Advisor and will develop relationships with them as they approach residency, thus reducing the time commitment of Academy Advisors for these students.

In addition to time spent with advising students, Academy Advisors are expected to attend the annual retreat. The retreat is designed to evaluate the program and to facilitate discussions for future improvements.

As an Academy Advisor, you will be expected to:

  • Meet with your advisees throughout the year to discuss their academic progress and maintain contact with these students until graduation;
  • Host two (2) meals per academic year, either at a local restaurant or at your home, for all of your advisees and your advisors at-large so that students and faculty can interact in a non-academic atmosphere;
  • Attend Academy events throughout the year, including the Ethics Breakfast and the Academies Retreat;
  • Maintain confidentiality at all times and work to develop an atmosphere of trust with your advisees
  • (NOTE: The content of advising meetings is not reported to the BUSM administration unless there is a serious concern regarding the student’s well-being or safety, the safety of others, or if the student gives permission.)

  • Address any academic difficulty issues with your advisee one-on-one if you receive any Marginal Pass or Fail grade notification
  • Help each of your advisees optimize their BUSM educational experience by suggesting possibilities for research, summer activities and programs; encouraging them to connect with faculty in other disciplines to help guide them in choosing their career path, and to contribute to the overall enrichment of the BUSM community.