Administrative Staff

The Academies of Advisors Program is based in The Office of Student Affairs at BUSM, located on the 2nd floor of the A building. The main number for the office is 617-638-4166.

Administrative Staff for the Academies of Advisors Program

  • Angela H. Jackson, M.D., Associate Dean of Student Affairs
    TEL 617-638-4166 — E-MAIL:
    Dr. Jackson joined the OSA in 2012. She oversees all Academy activities and the administrative staff involved in the program.
  • Daniel Chen, M.D., M.Sc., Director of Academies Program Assistant Dean of Student Affairs
  • TEL 617-638-4166 — EMAIL:
    Dr. Chen directs the Academies Program at BUSM. He is involved in planning new activities to have the Academies Program meet students’ needs. If you have any new ideas to help enrich the Academies Program, please contact him at your convenience.

  • Jennifer Mompoint, Academies Coordinator
    TEL 617-638-4197 — E-MAIL:
    Jennifer oversees the organization and administration of the Academies of Advisors.  She manages the day-to-day functions of the program including maintaining the Academies database, organizing and scheduling events, communicating regularly with advisors and students, and processing payments and reimbursements. She facilitates and implements appropriate advisor and field-specific advisors assignments for medical students.

Psychiatric Consultant for Medical Students

  • Anna Fitzgerald, M.D.
    TEL 617-414-4242 / BEEPER 0824 — E-MAIL:
    Dr. Fitzgerald is a faculty psychiatrist who is available for prompt and confidential consultation and referral for any medical student. Appointments are completely confidential and there is no bill generated for these services. Students may be referred or self-identify to see Dr. Fitzgerald.