Regular contact between Academy Advisors and medical students is an integral component of this program. There will be group and individual meetings and various events scheduled throughout the academic year, based upon the BUSM class schedule. First-year medical students meet with their advisors three times per year; second-year students meet twice per year. Emergency meetings are arranged as necessary.

Academy Advisors will host two meals during the academic year. These dinners should be held during the timeframes outlined on the Academies of Advisors Meetings & Events Calendar. Dinners can be hosted at the advisor’s home or at a restaurant. Funds will be provided to each Academy Advisor based upon the number of advisees and are to be used to cover expenses for both meals.

During the third year of medical school, when exploration of residency options begins, students may elect to meet regularly with assigned Field-Specific Advisors. When this occurs, contact between students and their Academy Advisors is reduced, however advisors are encouraged to invite 3rd and 4th year students to the meals as the 1st and 2nd years have indicated that they find the interaction between classes extremely helpful in navigating life at BUSM.

Planning Your Meetings with Students – ACADEMIC CALENDAR (2013-2014)