BUMC Fire Safety System Testing

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May 30th, 2019

June 10-14: Fire Alarm Testing
June 17-21: Sprinkler System Testing
June 26: Fire Pump Testing

During the week of June 10, fire alarms will be tested in various Medical Campus buildings. Testing will begin at 7 a.m. each day at the first address listed below and will proceed to the other locations throughout each day. Building occupants might hear the alarms during the test.

In addition, Medical Campus sprinkler systems will be tested during the week of June 17; fire pump systems will be tested Wednesday, June 26. Neither of these tests should impact normal operations.

Questions? Contact the Control Center at 617-638-4144 or Facilities Management at 617-358-9400.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding.

Fire alarm testing dates/buildings:

Monday, June 10
(K) 71 E. Concord St.
(L) 72 E. Concord St.
(A) 80 E. Concord St.

Tuesday, June 11
(J) 609 Albany St.
(N) 615 Albany St.
610 Garage
(X) 650 Albany St.
(MSR) 815 Albany St.

Wednesday, June 12
Evans 75 E. Newton St.
(R) 780 Harrison Ave.

Thursday, June 13
(T) 715 Albany St.
710 Garage
(W) 700 Albany St.
(G) 100 E. Newton St.

Friday, June 14
Any locations requiring a return visit.